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the country game secret

written on february 9th 2018

The secret to 'the country game' is that you must precede each guess with a 'thinking sound.' 'Uhhhhh,' 'emmmmmm' or 'ehhhhhh' will do. This may seem obvious to you, in fact you easily may have figured that out from the previous page, but I assure you there are certain people who find this secret very difficult to figure out.

I've been amazed in the past with how long some people take to figure it out, no matter how obvious it's become. Typically when the game has gone on for quite a while and a 'victim' still hasn't figure it out I'll begin to do extremely long 'uhhhhhh's. Even when this sound lasts up to 20 seconds the person still won't pick up on it, their confusion will just typically grow. They'll normally only figure it out once someone does a short loud exaggerated 'UH...Spain.'

When playing the game it's a good idea to warn players not to guess the secret when they think they know by saying it aloud in words, but instead wait until their turn and try it out. Although one memorable time someone said the secret aloud but the only victim left was too busy concentrating on another players guess to notice.