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does your guy have a moustache?

you'll need a friend with you to play this game. it works like "guess who" but the only question you're allowed to ask is "does your guy have a moustache?"
the game repeats in the same cycle so you can play with a friend online if you both have the web page open.

  • on day zero each player secretly chooses one of the characters as their "guy."
  • click on "next day" to get to day one, where some of the characters have now grown moustaches.
  • each player asks the other "does your guy have a moustache?" the players must answer that question truthfully.
  • once the players are ready, "next day" is selected. once again certain characters have shaved and certain ones have grown moustaches.
  • the game continues like this until a player guesses what guy the other player has selected.
  • players are not allowed to write down the information they learn, they must try and remember it each day.
play easy mode instead